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  • Owners earn 25% more when listing with iTrip.
  • We book 3X more than the average property manager.
  • Local ownership with global marketing power.
  • Best security – smart home security and locks.

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How It Works

Step 1

You have a beautiful home in Salt Lake City, but you don’t live there year round.

Step 2

You’d like to use it, but renting as a short-term rental might be a good way to make some extra money.

Step 3

Reach out to iTrip Salt Lake City. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your extra cash.

Why iTrip Salt Lake City?

iTrip Salt Lake City’s dedicated local team and personalized services paired with its cutting edge technological and security resources make us the premiere property management company in Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas.

We are dedicated to making it easy for owners to make money on their short term rentals without the hassle.

We listen and take care of ALL of the following:

  • Market analysis and financial performance projections.
  • Full-service coordination of cleaning and repairs. 
  • Follow up with guests to assess their satisfaction or areas that need improvement. We encourage positive online reviews.
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We are experts in the vacation rental business

Our expertise comes from our industry leading management team that research with data analytics to produce results that are unmatched. We have more positive online reviews than any other property management company.


Local Service

Every home is unique – that’s why we listen to your needs. We approach every rental with a teamwork mindset. Our goals are to save you money and maximize your profit while giving every guest a 5-star experience.

With us, you will have access to a local designated property manager 24/7, along with a skilled housekeeping team who know the special qualities of your home and inspect it regularly.

Your guests will always have a team to call – sit back and relax, we’ll take care of the rest!

Kick back and relax, your home is being handled with care.


iTrip Salt Lake City’s dedicated local team and personalized services paired with its cutting edge technological resources make us the premiere property management company.


Our marketing efforts are unlike any other in the vacation rental industry. While our competitors market listings on an average of 6 websites, iTrip lists on over 80 vacation rental listings so your home get the best possible visibility. We throw in seasonal perks and freebies to home owners and guests. 

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We lead the vacation rental industry in cutting edge technology. Our innovative platforms allow us to complete online bookings and manage your home safely and securely while you’re not around. We use smart home security and locks.

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Personalized Care

With iTrip, each property has a dedicated local manager who lives within 40 minutes of the home. This ensures that your home is taken care of as you’d like it, with service providers who are in-the-know about your special needs.
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Make Your Home Stand out

We will help you standout on online with high quality photos, descriptions, and market-based pricing. With iTrip, you have a higher chance of being booked consistently making you more money.

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About Us

Jeff and Delese Bettinson own and manage iTrip Salt Lake City serving the Wasatch Front including Davis, Salt Lake and Utah counties as well as the resorts in Brighton, Solitude, Alta, Snowbird, and Sundance. They both graduated from the University of Utah, met and settled their family in Sandy.

Jeff has over 20 years in commercial property management. He earned his CPM (Certified Property Manager) designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management in 2007. He is an international and domestic instructor to those obtaining their CPM© designation and has taught in many cities around the United States, as well as Bulgaria, China and Poland. He has managed regional malls, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified office park, strip centers and everything in between. His strength is in building productive relationships with owners, tenants and vendors.

Delese worked in Human Resources after graduating from the University of Utah including time working with the Salt Lake Olympic Committee in 2001-2002. While deciding to stay home with her children in 2004, she continued to offer HR services as an independent contractor to companies and a career coach to individuals. Later, she began her own successful small business in retail sales. She also serves the PTA, scouts, church, public schools and community.

In their free time, Jeff and Delese enjoy spending time outdoors, especially in Utah. You can find them hiking and camping with their children, ziplining, taking on an obstacle ropes course, cycling or enjoying one of our great lakes during the summer.  They also love attending the various sporting events, concerts and going to the theater to enjoy plays and musicals. They look forward to sharing the best of the Wasatch Front with visitors and maximizing value for their property owners.

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iTrip Salt Lake City’s dedicated local team and personalized services paired with its cutting edge technological resources make us the premiere property management company. What are you waiting for? Call Jeff Bettinson today.

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